The Owl’s creation story

if man was made to believe in something solid
they first have to make out something that will hold their sanity
a unifying belief that will answer the unanswerable question
and from there, more stories will come forward…

just like the Owl’s creation story.The Great Owl

If the world turned back time, it would look dull… dim and lifeless. There would be no skies, no puffy clouds, and no flowing waters for there is only nothingness. Within the deafening realm of the unknown lived a creature comparable to a giant owl whose eyes bulge with different colors of light and dark shades, its wings dominated with the rich color of brown and black while its gentle face was covered with snow colored feathers that formed a shape of a heart. The owl lived for so long and thought that life was rather lonely and it sought a different world. From its loneliness came life…

The giant owl flapped its wings with much force and instantly, the blanket of black colored space swirled in chorus with the deafening sounds of what could be compared to shrills, screams, songs of sirens, laughter, love songs and finally a soft sob. From the owl’s breath and feathers formed a man with silky white hair, wings growing out from both sides of his head. His eyes had the color of deep crimson with black pupils, almost white colored skin clothed him… he was a man opposite of the darkness that shrouded the empty space and from this the owl smiled.
The man lived with the Owl for quite some time and with this, he acquired knowledge which fascinated him so much. The man was later named Alexei, a name which the Owl presented as his main purpose in life. “Man’s defender?” Alexei questioned with much confusion. “What is this man you speak of father? I was not taught of such things” he continued as he floated around, looking at the endless space as if the answer was there. The great Owl simply laughed at Alexei’s innocence “Do you not know yourself, child? Go and venture out…. soon you will see and feel your answer” and with this, the Owl left Alexei to think for himself.

Alexei moved around the empty space and thought about what his father said. “Man? Myself? All of this is very confusing” he thought to himself as he rested his tired body on a lump of cold black space. Sighing, Alexei gave up on the tiresome task of finding out what this man is  all about. He lifted his arm and saw that there were sparkles and bright stones upon his skin. Alexei thought of it odd since it has never increased this much before so he tried to remove it my moving his arm in different directions. “Ah! Please stop!” pleaded a voice from a near distance. Alexei stumbled and looked around for the foreign voice “W-who goes there!?” he stuttered

“Please don’t be afraid. I have come from you, did I not?” the voice answered and soon enough a pair of light brown eyes appeared from the blanket of black space. “I don’t even know that I made you…” Alexei answered in a soft embarrassed tone as he saw a very beautiful figure form right in front of him.  This creature was like him but at the same time not like him. It had beautiful long hair that blends perfectly well with the space, body perfectly shaped with the color of light mud. It was the first female.

Alexei presented the new creature to the Owl and from there she was named Sophie. “…for you will show my son what ‘man’ is…”

It took little time for the two to grow close to each other. Alexei has decorated Sophie’s hair with sparkling ornament and jewels that we now know as the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies. Sophie looked wonderfully beautiful but she was sad for there is something missing. Wisdom, she says needs to be continuously created and passed on or else she will suffer for eternity. Troubled by Sophie’s predicament, Alexei approached the Owl and asked for proper guidance. “Your wife is full of wisdom and beauty… but not everything is given to her for the half of it is with you. Accept her wisdom and you shall know what to do… for it is engraved in you…. your very purpose. Combine two things that seem opposite. Watch and learn how they move and create a different world.”

Alexei listened to his father’s words and recalled the Owl’s idea about “man”. Taking Sophie, he had encouraged her of this idea about “man” and quickly the two thought of what this “man” should be like. They have created a blue and green colored gem which took the form of a sphere. They arranged a lot of things within this gem, washing out those that are imperfect in the process until they have finally perfected what they call a man. They were overwhelmed with great joy as they saw what they called sons and daughters become fruitful. However, they are saddened that they cannot interact with them since doing so would fill man with too much wisdom and enlightenment that they will be destroyed where they stand.

Man was imperfect and filled with doubts. They have progressed so much yet they are still unsatisfied with the lack of knowledge of where they Dull landscapecame from. They have question the skies, every tree and every living thing about existence and this only made their sadness worse. They’ve created religion and acquired the knowledge of the existence of three gods yet it was never enough. They searched for power, they transformed and ruled over the world like it was their own creation. Evil formed and this broke the heart of the two parent gods who wanted nothing but goodness and harmony within the realm of the humans. With the Owl’s guidance, they gave obstacles and life lessons through the subtlety of nature. Therefore, man was finally divided in belief… Earth was not uniform…

…yet life still existed.

and life will go on.

note: This story was created for a philosophy class and all that is included in this post did not harm any copyright for everything here was made by me. This creation story may have some similarities to other stories but it is not my intention to copy any of them.