Priorities? Priorities.

Helping others has always been one of the top priorities of church communities.

Through charity work and cooperation with other institutions the sense of being a community is sort of accomplished and gives more meaning to what it is to become a human rather than just sitting through hours of seminars and lectures. GCF South Metro, my family’s home church, is not exempted from charity work.

To be honest, I don’t think I’ve stayed long enough to witness GCF’s biggest efforts in charity work but it’s fair enough to say that I’m updated every time we go back to church. GCF doesn’t simply stop in one community, that’s the biggest thing about this church. They spread to different places in order to spread the word of God and along with these activities, the church assesses the needs of the community members and how compatible it is with the capabilities of the church. Sometimes, it’s overwhelming to see such huge efforts towards reaching every single community that is available but this is what’s amazing about this church’s pledge to faith and service.

However, a church cannot be perfect.

It is true that GCF has reached a thousand souls by the word of God, education, food, and other necessities but we could not fully be assured whether or not these actions are completely compatible with the community they’re serving. There is still a lot of room for improvement and that is actually a good thing. It is difficult to believe that there is one institution out there that could perfect their programs and completely be compatible with their chosen communities. GCF South Metro’s efforts towards the greater good could compensate for this imperfection and so can the will of other institutions/churches.


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