Diary of a college student: Decisions in life

my drawing of hansel and gretel (anime form)

my drawing of hansel and gretel (anime form)

Decisions? Decions.

but I don’t really know what to prioritize.

Ever since we were children, we’ve already been put in different situations that will force us to make decisions for ourselves. At first it will be as simple as picking which favorite treat we will eat, then it will escalate to which clothes we will wear for the day, what things we should bring for school, what course to take, and then it will escalate more and more until we completely lose track of all the things we’ve decided on. Of course, we can’t avoid the fact that we will make decisions out of haste and thus result to a catastrophic mess up of priorities which will result to a domino effect. Considering the fact that as humans we are bound to make mistakes, it is important to at least figure out the things which are important and things that can wait a little longer.

First of all, family comes first before anything else because they are technically our backbone. They are our most concrete form of bond and

my wonderful cousin during my debut

my wonderful cousins during my debut

without them we’re almost at lost. Other things such as faith, love, loyalty, and all other values will be learned and acquired through this basic unit of the community. Sometimes it will be difficult to figure things out due to complication between the bonds but nevertheless, the fruit of one’s labor will not go to waste. The values that are learned within the family will be transferred to various people such as friends, teachers, co. workers, bosses, and a lot of other people. These lessons will be one person’s guide outline on what things should be put to the top priority and what things should be placed on the latter scale. Though personally, I don’t really want to pressure myself into quick decisions such as “when will I get married? oh, probably when I’m near 30…” because in all honesty, thinking about these things will lead to serious tension. It’s good to have a goal but torturing yourself in order to answer the questions of society will lead to nothing but self-destruction. It’s important to meditate and think clearly.

me and my thesismates as student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy from Harry Potter

me and my thesismates as student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy from Harry Potter

not having the answer right away isn’t always a bad thing.

giving yourself time will not kill anyone.

It’s important to know yourself first before deciding or making a goal.

People will always right beside you when you decide on things and your closest friends and family will support you no matter what. There are times where you want to escape reality and that is okay but remember that at one point you have to go back and face the truth.

Make sure that you’re doing this not for someone else but for yourself

…because truth be told, once you step into the world…

you step out alone.


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